OCR ICR Services

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) are two key services we offer at India Data Entry Help for organizations who want to transform their hard copy documents into a digital format.IDHelp are committed in providing you with the finest OCR ICR Services.

Digitizing documents in a normal sense would mean scanning the documents and storing them, but these formats are images. Images have particular modifications that can be made to them while in turn take up a larger amount of memory as compared to digital file formats. Since the details in the documents are the actual information and data that should be digitized character recognition systems are the proper solution.

OCR ICR Services

Optical Character Recognition is basically utilized for documents bearing typeface fonts which are found in documents such as books, legal documents, and memorandums. While Intelligent Character Recognition is employed when dealing with handwritten documents which may consist of different font forms and writing styles; such document may be in the form of questionnaires, feedback forms, and notes.

India Data Entry Help uses both technologies for this service but additionally these are operated by our trained personnel, who are able to take full advantage of the technologies due to their in-depth software system knowledge. They, therefore, are able to utilize both technologies to work on this service offering and use them in an effective manner. These personnel are grouped into teams which are led and managed by our handpicked and groomed project managers. At times they utilize both technologies on particular documents that consist of handwritten as well as typeface fonts.

Here is a summary of the type of documents we are able to digitalis using OCR ICR Services:

  • Hard copy records

  • Archives

  • Periodicals

  • Historical books

  • Old transcripts

The teams we leave in charge of such projects comprise of experienced professional with the correct software system knowledge and resources to produce a successful end result. Such projects come with our seal of quality and promise that we utilize individuals and teams with the best expertise in the field, of who are detailed in their work, while allowing clients to have secured access to their information as it is worked on.

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